Submit a Request to Enroll or Unenroll an Examinee

PearsonAccess Next User Guide for the ACT Test - Fall

ACT State or ACT District
Standard Time
Non-College Reportable
English Learner Supports
Test Coordinator

The test coordinator needs to be logged in to PearsonAccessnext to complete this task.

If an examinee is enrolling in or unenrolling from your school before the administration, you need to submit the request for ACT staff to add or remove the examinee from your organization in PearsonAccessnext. Enrolling the examinee in PearsonAccessnext generates the student code that must be gridded in Block U on the answer document when a barcode label is not available.

  1. Locate the Enroll or Unenroll Students template by selecting the Support icon, then Documentation.
  2. Download the template by clicking the Enroll or Unenroll Students link and enter information in all fields for the student (or for multiple students).
    • Student Code from PearsonAccessnext (this code is required if the examinee is being unenrolled)
    • Unenroll School Organization Code (If the examinee is leaving your organization, include the ACT high school code for your organization.)
    • Enroll School Organization Code (If the examinee is entering your organization, include the ACT high school code for your organization.)
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial
    • Grade
    • Date of Birth
    • State Student ID (be sure this is the number assigned by the state, not a social security number)
    • Delivery Format (enter p for paper testing)
    • TAA PIN from the Accommodations and Supports Roster (enter this, if the examinee is authorized by ACT to use accommodations and/or English learner supports)

    Save the template locally on your computer in .xlsx or .csv format.

  3. Select the Support icon, then Support Requests.
    The Support Requests screen appears.
  4. In the Tasks pane, select Create / Edit Requests in the drop-down menu, and then select the Start button.
    A Details screen for the new request appears.
  5. Using the drop-down arrows on the appropriate fields, enter the organization (your school) and category (Enroll Student or Unenroll Student) for the request.
  6. Provide an appropriate title for your request; use the word “enroll” or “unenroll” in the title. Enter additional instructions in the Question / Concern field.
  7. Select Choose Files to locate and open the file for uploading to the system.
  8. Select the Create button. A "Success – Changes saved" message appears.
  9. The person submitting the request will receive email notifications from the system confirming that the request was received and also when the enrollment or unenrollment information was completed by ACT staff.
    • You can view the status of your request at any time through your PearsonAccessnext account.
    • Be sure to read any comments in the email notification to ensure that ACT does not require additional information.
  10. Select Exit Tasks to return to the previous screen.
    Note: If enrolling a student after the SDU deadline, an order for additional materials must be placed.